Why don’t girls like me

Merch is kind of wack.
I’m just as guilty when it comes to buying everything and I’ve wasted so much money on it.
Like it’s cool to have some shirts of some bands that you love, or a hoodie, or something.
Completely dick-riding a band is kind of dumb though.
Buy a bands records, play in a band, book a show, bring your friends.
Having the most t-shirts isn’t you supporting hardcore, moshing or singing to your favorite band is.



Late for work again………………..

what in the world

What happened to shatice's tumblr?


She deleted it. That much fame is too much for one person.

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I was happily a part of this parking lot club thing we had going

I miss Jax
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Facebook sucks
Instagram sucks
Twitter sucks
Tumblr sucks
Social media sucks
I hate all of this pointless bullshit